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The Big Blue

Contemplate the cobalt blues of the horizon, the myriad shades of the Mirabello Gulf, the soaring azure skies, and the glinting blues of over one hundred private pools, like a sparkling mosaic of Ottoman tiles set in Mediterranean gardens.  These are the blues of Blue Palace, where luxury meets in harmony with nature, and wild beauty meets unrivaled island style. 

The Private Beach
When people dream of islands, their first image is usually of the beach - of reconnecting with the wilderness and freedom, and the sun. Dream beaches are rare in reality, but the private shore at Blue Palace is one of them.

The long, spacious sweep of private, white pebble beach has been left au naturel. Its raw, Cretan beauty has merely been threaded with wooden walkways for bare feet to happily pad between the private lounging decks of the central beach, the cool gazebos of the exclusive Haven, and the vibrant social focus of the Isola Beach Club. The aesthetic is driftwood elegance, indigenous charm, and bohemian luxe, all very good reasons to spend your whole day, and much of the evening, on the beach.
Spinalonga – A Place of Living History
How often is it that you find yourself swimming in crystal clear waters and gazing at an island, only a few hundred meters away, which is a National Monument?
Cobalt waters and uninterrupted views of the UNESCO-nominated Spinalonga island make this setting the most captivating.
Aquatic options for all ages
Located at the beach, within the beautiful cove protected by Spinalonga Island, the Water Sports Center offers aquatic options to suit enthusiasts of all ages. From traditional water sports like water skiing, windsurfing to wakeboarding, and trick skiing, there is something for everyone.
For diving enthusiasts, our divemasters offer scuba lessons, night diving, boat diving, and snorkeling.
An Exclusive Escapism In Cobalt Waters
Travel on the crystal-clear waters around the Mirabello Gulf and unlock some of the most authentic surroundings. Set off from the hotel’s own jetty aboard our quintessentially Greek fishing boat and sail around the coast of Elounda and the isle of Spinalonga. Find yourself surrounded by fresh air, remote beaches, cobalt waters, and an abundance of fascinating energy.
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