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Blue Palace
Blue Palace
Our philosophy is to create the perfect haven by the sea, where nature and luxury harmoniously blend.
Each day the Greek sun illuminates our pristine blue bay, infusing us with a sense of delicious wonder, no surprise that Blue Palace is a unique place to enjoy reimagined Mediterranean adventures. We look forward to welcoming you this summer with enviable voyages, nature walks, luxury partnerships, local sustainable gastronomy, bold flavors, the freshest seafood, local wines and the soothing soundtrack of the waves encouraging long gatherings and lingering sunset aperitifs.

“A recipe has no soul.
You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. Anthós restaurant cooks the recipes from the tradition of Crete with a modern feel. ”
– ATHINAGORAS KOSTAKOS, Creative Consultant Chef

Blue Palace x Athinagoras Kostakos
Gastronomic experiences that follow the rhythms of the land and sea, led by award-winning Creative Consultant Chef Athinagoras Kostakos. A visionary for sustainable gastronomy, Athinagoras creates vibrant, seasonal dishes that taste unmistakably Greek, with distinctive aromas of the destination. Fresh flavors you know and love, elevated with an expert modern touch.

Simple pleasures are envisioned at Anthòs Restaurant - a place of natural warmth where the landscape blends with what’s on the plate creating the perfect scenery where being together is what truly matters. The journey continues with culinary concepts introduced by Athinagoras Kostakos; a light, refreshing beachside menu at the Isola Beach Club, an inspiring new take on authentic Asian flavors at Asia Deep Blue, as well as a wide variety in in-room dining experiences.
Blue Palace x The Gritti Palace
When the clock strikes 7PM sparkling signature cocktails arrive, champagne glasses clink, and Arsenali Lounge Bar becomes an enchanting setting to soak up a true celebration of old-world glamour. The signature Aperitivo Ritual, with an eclectic menu of cocktails is a bespoke partnership with Venice's legendary The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel. The collaboration marries the art of the Italian Aperitivo with heritage and glory that is unsurpassably Hellenic.

Notable cocktails included in the new menu are four signature serves by acclaimed Bar Manager Cristiano Luciani of The Gritti Palace’s famed Longhi Bar and Riva Lounge: the Bellini cocktail, the Basil-ica cocktail, the Wild Fennel Martini, and the Acqua Riva cocktail. Gather ceremoniously to toast the sunset, along with Champagne and light bites to awaken the appetite, all set to the swaying sounds by select DJs!
Blue Palace x Progressive Greek Chefs
There’s nothing quite like gathering around a table to bring people together. An ode to the abundance of Greece, the poetry of place is reflected on every plate. Experience the best culinary treats from around Greece, with unique events at Anthós Restaurant. An array of complementary flavors and contrasting textures by esteemed Greek Chefs along with our Creative Consultant Chef, Athinagoras Kostakos, that honor indigenous traditions and the quality of each ingredient.

The Game Changers of Greek Cuisine - innovative chefs, shaping the modern Greek culinary scene, come to Anthós for an unforgettable gastronomical experience. Showcasing their passion for cooking and care of ingredients, they will bring to life their culinary creative vision through progressive tasting menus.

“Compliance with the timetable, to let our cuvées age naturally. Without hurry, but with a lot of patience and knowledge.”
– STÉPHANE REVOL, Owner of Comte De Montaigne

Blue Palace x Comte De Montaigne
The Comte de Montaigne Champagne is passion, emotion, affection, affinity, joie de vivre - a love story from the heart of France. To this day, each man put effort in the quest for excellence always favoring the quality. This has allowed the Revol family to grasp the quintessence of finesse and elegance to create a champagne very different from others. Stéphane Revol is determined to pass on the tradition, that is unique in France and around the world, to future generations.

The exclusive Champagne will be enjoyed at Blue Palace, across the resort's restaurants. A culinary destination where gastronomic excellence meets the finest bespoke bottle of champagne. Tradition, dedication and great passion for an unparalleled experience - a unique expression of shared values.
Blue Palace x World-Acclaimed Bartenders
This summer, we will introduce new whimsical collaborations, hosting impressive events with world-acclaimed bartenders along with internationally recognized mixologist Aristotelis Papadopoulos. Weaving legendary spells out of tantalizing herbs and fruits from across the Aegean, each mixologist sheds light on the landscape, heritage, nature and tradition that inspire our philosophy.

All-time favorites, signature flavors built around local, seasonal, quality ingredients - a sensational cocktail journey where everything is noble, quintessentially unique.
Blue Palace x Phāea Plan Bee
Our new, innovative project - the PHĀEA PLAN BEE initiative, is a highlight of the season. Responding to the need of strengthening the pollinators, and more specifically bees, and in the context of disseminating their protection, we have installed our own beehives and worked towards creating a bee-friendly landscape with gardens and plants of intense flowering throughout each season, as wells as abundant water sources.

This summer, we will host special events to celebrate the Plan Bee initiative, where guests will be offered a tour of the organic garden and beehives, followed by a mini-harvesting and honey tasting sessions. Delicious traditional Cretan pies sprinkled with honey and a celebratory cocktail will also be offered.
Blue Palace x Destination
Blue Palace is a hideaway enveloped in Crete's rich history, untouched nature, culinary arts, and cultural heritage. Not just a resort, but a curator of authentic experiences. We love getting under the skin of Cretan culture, which is why we offer our guests opportunities to experience our island authentically, meeting the characters and participating in the activities that make this destination so justifiably renowned.

A Spinalonga Reenactment Experience is a truly rare and exclusive experience. We will whisk guests aboard our traditional boat, across to Spinalonga island, for an exclusive guided tour of the isle. The historical reenactment is curated by a team of archaeologists and culture experts of Discover Greek Culture. An exploration of Crete exemplifies the destination in an authentic experience that fills the eyes and inspires the mind. Life in a Cretan village runs at a different pace. Set to keep old traditions alive, you will be taken through a journey of authenticity, from the Monasteri of Areti to the traditional villages of Crete, Kasteli and Fourni.
Blue Palace x Wellness
Wellness is at the core of Blue Palace. Constantly seeking to innovate our approach to wellness, this summer we invite you to empower body & mind with our selection of wellness experiences and events, partnering with premium spa products by luxury brands – Valmont, Anne Semonin, & Apivita.

New treatments, skin consultation, bespoke therapies and remedies; a bespoke concept by skincare experts for a deep renewal and personal recommendations of adapted skincare routines and a selection of products.
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