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Stories of food, love, life and Mediterranean style. We invite guests for days filled with sun, music, drinks, and good food.
A blend of new, sophisticated services showcasing timeless Cretan culture, local sustainable gastronomy, unforgettable family experiences and amenities, wellbeing, and culture, along with one-of-a-kind partnerships.
Blue Palace
Blue Palace
Blue Aperitivo at the Most Majestic Veranda
Partnering with Venice's legendary The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, to present the ‘Blue Aperitivo’ this summer season; a signature Aperitivo Ritual, with an eclectic menu of cocktails. The collaboration marries the art of the Italian Aperitivo with heritage and glory that is unsurpassably Hellenic and defined by the iconic location of Arsenali Lounge Bar.

Notable cocktails included in the new menu are four signature serves by acclaimed Bar Manager Cristiano Luciani of The Gritti Palace’s famed Longhi Bar and Riva Lounge: the Bellini cocktail, the Basil-ica cocktail, the Wild Fennel Martini, and the Acqua Riva cocktail. Gather ceremoniously to toast the sunset, along with Champagne and light bites to awaken the appetite, all set to the swaying sounds by select DJs!
An Unexpected Dining Adventure
Celebrated Creative Consultant Chef Athinagoras Kostakos creates an unexpected dining adventure that focuses on authenticity and seasonality throughout the resort’s culinary experiences. Menus reflect a fresh Mediterranean approach, using quality, local ingredients that elevate each dish with distinctive flavors and aromas of the destination.

A new, authentic, seasonal culinary concept celebrating the new breed of elegant Greek cuisine is introduced at Anthòs Restaurant, curated with expertise, passion, and vision for sustainable gastronomy, a light, refreshing beachside menu at the Isola Beach Club, an inspiring new take on authentic Asian flavors at Asia Deep Blue, as well as a wide variety in in-room dining experiences.
Culinary Hopping Around Greece
Guests will experience the best culinary treats from around Greece, with unique events at Anthós Restaurant. An authentic culinary delight with esteemed Greek Chefs along with our Creative Consultant Chef, Athinagoras Kostakos, fusing the quality of fresh local ingredients with indigenous traditions.

The Game Changers of Greek Cuisine - innovative chefs, shaping the modern Greek culinary scene, will delight guests with an unforgettable gastronomical experience. Showcasing their passion for cooking and care of ingredients, they will bring to life their culinary creative vision through progressive tasting menus.


Grigoris Helmis - 10th of August 2021
Constadinos Vassiliadis - 25th of August 2021
George Samoilis - 28th of September 2021

Playfully Celebrating the Richness of Greek Folk Costumes
Petros Kaminiotis - the designer of PlaymoGreek - is interested in all expressions of Greek tradition, dancing, traditional customs’ and costumes’ research. He believes that Greek tradition is considered as something old – fashioned and the majority of people are not interested in discovering it. So, he tried to find a way to present the Greek traditional costume in a more alluring and contemporary way, using a well-known toy. The upper goal is to focus not only on the adults but also on the children; the new generation which can adopt a different approach, embracing the Greek tradition. PlaymoGreek, are Playmobil figures dressed in handmade copies of traditional Greek costumes - a project that combines a childhood toy with the designer’s passion for Greek folk culture.
A special exhibition will be held at Blue Palace, 9th - 11th of July.
Cocktail-Loving Moments
A new whimsical collaboration at bar offerings is introduced. Partnering with internationally recognized mixologist Aristotelis Papadopoulos to inspire guests with sensational cocktail journeys.

Cocktail recipes that include refined all-time favorites as well as signature flavors built around local, seasonal, quality ingredients. From the amazing Aperitivo at Arsenali Lounge Bar, and the delicious cocktail list at Isola Beach Club, to the inspiring cocktail flavors fused with Asian touches at the stylish Asian Deep Blue.
Family Bonding in a Warm Greek Island Setting
We welcome families with new programs, activities, and amenities creating a special environment to enjoy precious time together. The dedicated family suites offer all the comforts of a Meditteranian home with flexible options catering to everyone.

The clan can enjoy excursions aboard our traditional Caique with BBQ on board, guided history tours of Spinalonga Island, and expeditions to the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. Therino (open-air cinema) is a much-loved Greek tradition and new family evenings are introduced with a curated program of family-friendly film screenings, whilst indulging in freshly made popcorn and candy floss.

Teens reign at Blue Palace, with a plethora of activities inclusive of water sports led by expert instructors including paddle boarding, fly-boarding, waterskiing, and beginner and advanced diving classes. A new gaming area and chill-out spot feature air hockey, billiards, ping-pong, and more.
Premium connectivity across facilities will also appeal to the teen set so they don’t miss a thing and can share their experience with friends.
New Summer Shopping Experience
A new dedicated Melissa Odabash Boutique awaits guests at Blue Palace with timeless swim and beachwear that highlight every female form and capture the elegance of the Greek summer. Timeless pieces designed with clean lines and innovative textiles aim to adapt to all body types, making them a must-have for the distinguished global traveler.
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