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A Truer, More Timeless Greece

With Cretan heritage and tradition as our source of inspiration, we redefine the essence of genuine Greek hospitality through meaningful concepts that give prominence to a truer and more timeless Greece.

What has set Blue Palace apart over the years is our heart-warming hospitality and our commitment to an authentic Greek summer experience. This is the hospitality we want to offer to you, introducing you to the things locals love to eat, telling you our stories and secrets, and creating moments that we would love you to be part of. Αn uncompromised commitment to personable service, a real feeling of living together – a feeling of inviting you to our home.

“Luxury is being redefined.
People want to be part of things,
to give rather than take,
to return home feeling changed.”
— Agapi & Costantza Sbokou
co-CEOs Phāea Resorts
Our Land, Our Home, Our Family
Contemplate the cobalt blues of the horizon, the myriad shades of the Mirabello Gulf, the soaring azure skies, and the glinting blues of over one hundred private pools, like a sparkling mosaic of Ottoman tiles set in Mediterranean gardens. These are the blues of Blue Palace,
where luxury meets in harmony with nature,
and wild beauty meets unrivalled island style.

Our story starts with our father, Yannis Sbokos, who in the late '80s bought the land where Blue Palace lies today. We grew up in hotels, as our father was amongst the pioneers of tourism in Crete; an educated visionary who helped shape quality tourism.

We carry our country and our island with us everywhere we go. On an island with enough fascinating history, architecture, culture, scenery, and outdoor activities to fill several lifetimes, you will find yourself slow to leave the property. This is no coincidence. Hospitality is part of our legacy and we feel a sense of responsibility to uphold the traditions that our land and our people taught us. We open our home to our guests and welcome them in our most authentic way.

Design of Timeless & Wild Grandeur
The setting is one of virtually unspoilt, wild grandeur, with extraordinary natural beauty and crystal clear waters. Before any ground was broken, the architects 3SK Stylianides, set the priorities of the project: minimum impact in the natural surrounding and uncompromised quality of construction. The landscape itself is very impressive with a slope leading to a beautiful beach that almost “embraces” the isle of Spinalonga. The hotel itself was designed to blend into the Mediterranean landscape with the entire development being low rise, without main building. The rooms, suites and villas, form groups of low-rise buildings in local stone. Stone that has been excavated from the site itself has been widely used, while the rest of the colors have been chosen from the pallet of the stone. In the lobby area, the old technique of “kourassani” has been employed instead of paint, giving warm terracotta colors that change with time
- giving a sense of understated elegance and warm hospitality.

Blue Palace’s interior architecture is inspired by Crete’s past and the influence of successive invaders, including the Arabs, the Ottomans and the Venetians. Rugs, divans, tiles and antiques are offset by natural stone and wood. The beguiling blend of cultures culminates in a faithful reproduction of the Venetian Arsenali, or shipyard, at Heraklion, an 11-metre high vaulted hall that makes a stunning frame for views of Spinalonga. Great attention has also been given to the facilities of the resort as well as to the environmental surrounding. The tiny fish taverna Blue Door that is situated right at the water’s edge used to be a fisherman’s shelter and has been faithfully restored. Its blue doors are a Greek tradition, painted blue to bring good luck to a home so seamen can safely back to their loved ones. Trees and flowers local to the area or at least on the island were chosen exclusively. Olive trees and palm trees, alongside bougainvilleas, jasmine and levanter are spread around the site.

It is no coincidence that once you enter Blue Palace you feel a sense of total calm and serenity. Every single detail from the design of the hotel to its decoration and its gardens has been well thought to ensure that our guests enjoy bespoke holidays in harmony in an extraordinary environment.
Our Creative Collaborations
We create concepts that bring like-minded people together and give prominence to a truer, more timeless Greece that is worth to be celebrated. Our partnerships with Greek designers, who represent the new generation of Greek design and craftsmanship, show clearly our passion to highlight the eclectic complexity of the Cretan culture and our vision to support people with shared values and mindset. Beautiful branded summer accessories and design items are designed exclusively for Blue Palace by leading designers.
Our Diary
Blue Aperitivo at Arsenali Lounge Bar
Partnering with Venice's legendary The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, to present the ‘Blue Aperitivo’ this summer season; a signature Aperitivo Ritual, with an eclectic menu of cocktails. The collaboration marries the art of the Italian Aperitivo with heritage and glory that is unsurpassably Hellenic and defined by the iconic location of Arsenali Lounge Bar.
The Epitome of Greek Chic
Wonderful tableware, at The Haven Breakfast, with hand-painted blue motifs, designed exclusively for Blue Palace by Greek acclaimed talented designer Themis Zouganeli - founder and designer of THEMIS • Z luxury lifestyle brand and designer of Dior Maison. Inspired by the name of the hotel itself and the crystal hues of the Aegean Sea. Impressed by the Cretan landscape, an astonishing contrast of snow-capped mountains and lush valleys, Themis was inspired by the pure white flower which grows close to the sea, known as the Sea Daffodil or lily of Knossos.

Impeccable and refined. Traditional, yet modern at the same time. When Cretan hospitality meets the finest Greek craftsmanship, then the experience of dining reaches new heights
in modern luxury.
Our Diary
Our Diary
Culinary Hopping Around Greece
The Game Changers of Greek Cuisine - innovative chefs, shaping the modern Greek culinary scene, delight guests, this summer, with an unforgettable gastronomical experience. Showcasing their passion for cooking and care of ingredients, they will bring to life their culinary creative vision through progressive tasting menus, fusing the quality of fresh local ingredients with indigenous traditions.
Pop-art Colourfulness Meets Local History & Mediterranean Light
Philippos Theodorides is an award-winning illustrator and with several solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He has created iconic mural painting for the resort’s principal restaurant Olea and the Spinalonga Conference Hall. Additional work includes illustrations for Anthós restaurant. Philippos Theodorides likes to discover the extraordinary in the everyday and depicts moments that are constantly changing and at the same time undeniably charming.
Our Diary
Our Diary
Colors & Emotions Portrayed at Cretan Handmade Ceramic Creations
Inspired by traditional patterns of Greek folk art and the art of ancient civilizations, the Cretan ‘Nisaki mu’ makes the experience of dining at Anthós restaurant an authentic gastronomic adventure. Corina, the designer of 'Nisaki mu', loves colors, nature, the sea, and the island life and this is reflected in her creations. Having lived most of her life in Crete has influenced her inspiration and aesthetic. The island life, the sea, and the mountains of her homeland are often depicted in her creations. Greek folk art and the art of ancient civilizations, such as the Minoan, constitute another major source of inspiration for her.
The celebratory heritage-style dish - 'Gamopilafo' - at Anthós restaurant is introduced in a handmade ceramic creation, becoming a symbol of the restaurant and one of the most important expressions of local cuisine.
Playfully Celebrating the Richness of Greek Folk Costumes
Petros Kaminiotis is the designer of PlaymoGreek. Interested in all expressions of Greek tradition, dancing, traditional customs’ and costumes’ research. He believes that Greek tradition is considered as something old – fashioned and the majority of people are not interested in discovering it. So, he tried to find a way to present the Greek traditional costume in a more alluring and contemporary way, using a well-known toy. The upper goal is to focus not only on the adults but also on the children; the new generation which can adopt a different approach, embracing the Greek tradition. PlaymoGreek, are Playmobil figures dressed in handmade copies of traditional Greek costumes - a project that combines a childhood toy with the designer’s passion for Greek folk culture.
A special exhibition will be held at Blue Palace, 9th - 11th of July.
Our Diary
Our Diary
A Flair for Summer Adventures
Bleecker & Love has created, exclusively for Blue Palace, beautiful summer accessories. The Bleecker tote bag, purses & pillows are the coolest beach accessories, reminding you of the unrivaled Blue Palace beach experience.
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