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The most iconic luxury getaway on Crete —a family-friendly island considered a Covid green zone for its low case counts and large health-care system—has recently introduced a hotel within the hotel. Called the Haven Collection, it comprises jasmine-shrouded villas and suites with access to a private beach and a helipad. There’s also a retrofitted, traditional fishing boat that can be used for barbecues at sea, and an open-air cinema on the shore.” 

In the first-ever collaboration of its kind, Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort, Elounda – Crete, partners with Venice’s legendary The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, to present the Blue Aperitivo this summer season, at one of the most majestic verandas all over the world; Arsenali Lounge Bar, at Blue Palace.

“The Cretan Sea, swimming around the relics of Spinalonga, dominates the horizon views from this white-washed resort. Comfortable rooms offer simple modern style, you can lounge on the private beach or gaze over the edge of infinity pools, and five restaurants ensure you are kept well-fed.”

“There’s a timeless corner of Mirabello Bay on the north-east coast of Crete, where wild mountainous beauty meets crystal-clear waters and every glance towards the dazzling Aegean showcases the intriguing, historic island of Spinalonga. The Blue Palace Resort & Spa reflects a unique environment with its contemporary take on old-world hospitality and a celebration of the gastronomic legacy of the region.”

“My time at the Blue Palace had taken on something of a dream-like glaze. As well as its outstanding beauty, delicious food, and elevated accommodations, the resort was remarkable for its attentive staff, who watched out for your every need while never intruding.”

“Cretan village culture may seem far removed from the experience of the island’s luxury hotel offerings. But the Blue Palace, whose stone villas, cyprus trees, palms and tranquil swimming pools sprawl down an eastern hillside to a little pebbled cove, is deeply infused with the culture of this southern Greek island. That means a focus on family, hospitality, food and drink.”

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