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A Zest for Life

Delight in the pleasures of Crete, its flavors, and fragrances, discover a land full of ancient myths, the birthplace of the first European civilization – the notorious Minoans – and culinary heritage anchored in a passionate love for the island’s stunning beauty and natural bounty.

Plunge into a different and dramatic kind of wilderness whether that’s hiking the gorges of Crete or scuba diving in the Aegean Sea. The beauties of the Cretan coastline are miraculously diverse, with beaches of powder white, silver pebbles and pink rock.

Explore the Island of Crete
Blue Palace ensures every guest can indulge their senses in Crete. In collaboration with our Luxury Collection Concierge, an abundance of offers awaits.
Your Destination Authority for Crete
Your Luxury Collection Concierge is a Destination Authority for Crete, and so able to advise you on authentic, indigenous experiences that match your personal interests.
An Interactive Experience
A well trained tour guide along with a team of actors will bring to life people’s stories associated with the history of the Spinalonga Island.
Blue Palace x Destination
We love getting under the skin of Cretan culture, which is why we offer our guests opportunities to experience our island authentically.
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