Blue Palace

Wild beauty. Unrivaled island style.
A place where you can sense an older, truer more timeless Greece.

Blue Palace
Luxury Redefined
Between the tiny fishing village of Plaka and the increasingly chic port of Elounda,
Blue Palace is a patchwork of pink-hued stone and earthy tones, flowing into the landscape.

Venture beyond the ordinary with life-lasting authentic adventures, embracing history & local culture. Voyages to remember on our traditional caique, genuine local people sharing their secrets, authentic food experiences, and an immediate feeling of having arrived in your natural home. Personal recommendations and attention, the warm heartfelt hospitality Greeks like to offer each other, and our inspiration behind every moment.
The essence of redefined luxury.
Blue Palace
Blue Palace
The Unforgettable Blue Palace Stay
Blue Palace is so perfectly assimilated into its surroundings. Dotted throughout the resort among fragrant gardens, the bungalows, suites, & villas, are your personal sanctuaries with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and Spinalonga Island. Designed for people who want to spend a lot of time relaxing in their own private space, offering the kind of profound, understated luxury that is relaxing in a way that mere extravagance can never achieve. Private verandas, gardens, and pools are designed to enhance the stunning views and the feeling of freedom. Relaxed yet refined island aesthetic with natural materials, eclectic pieces of art, a palette drawn from the surrounding environment, and a style seasoned with historical detail, all combined into a uniquely compelling private place to be - unmistakably Greek.
Blue Palace

“Upon awakening at Blue Palace, I promised myself that I would henceforth always meet stunning locales in darkness first, so that I could open sleepy eyes to such fully formed fantasies.”


Your Private World Of Greek Elegance
Luxury suites and private villas designed exclusively for discerning travelers - this is the Haven at Blue Palace. Reside in one of the private suites & villas, overflowing with understated luxury, and feel completely sheltered from the world, like having arrived in your natural home, to be personally looked after. Nothing is too much trouble, in fact, nothing is any trouble at all. The grace is effortless.

An array of exclusive services and personal recommendations, including a private breakfast experience and a personalized beach experience, is offered, treating you to a good dose of traditional Cretan hospitality. This is a world of understated luxury,
tranquil aesthetic, and Greek elegance.
“Even a simple dish is more than just food
– it’s the Greek heritage and hospitality,
the memories and feeling at home.”
A way of life
An unexpected dining adventure where homecooked is not a trend. It’s a story, emotions, memories, our heartfelt hospitality – a way of life! Our restaurants offer a culinary journey of flavors, fragrances, and joy, with menus that reflect a fresh Mediterranean approach and capture the essence of seasonal aromas and flavors in every single plate. Places of natural warmth where the landscape blends with what’s on the plate creating the perfect scenery where family and friends share culinary experiences and being together is what truly matters.
Where Nature & Luxury Harmoniously Blend
This summer season, Blue Palace is the focus of any discerning fashionable traveler looking for luxury experiences, astonishing landscapes, authentic people, and untouched cultural heritage. True to our lifestyle concept of merging nature and luxury at the highest level, we have created bespoke experiences that make prominent the island’s stunning beauty and natural bounty.

Celebrating 20 years of Blue Palace
Twenty years ago on June 20, 2003, Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort opened its doors between the tiny fishing village of Plaka and the increasingly chic port of Elounda. Now, twenty years later, a beautiful merger of Greek elegance and island style, Blue Palace continues to emphasize on life-lasting adventures, authentic food experiences and heartfelt hospitality in the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. In honor of this anniversary, we invite guests to celebrate this milestone all summer long.
The Island Of Crete
Crete – a whole world on
a single island.
Crete is an uplifting journey of history.
The island of the Gods, with timeless traditions. A treasure chest of folklore and heritage with a wealth of historical monuments and sites of interest.
Home to the first European civilization - the Minoans, the birthplace of Zeus, and at the crossroad of the Middle East, Europe and Egypt; Crete has always been the subject of great desire for many conquerors.
Fabled for its glorious beaches, impressive mountainscapes, steep gorges, and secret coves; the wild beauty of nature in Crete resonates with everyone who visits.
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