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Open Fire Cooking

Guests will experience the best culinary treats from around Greece, with unique events at Anthós Restaurant. An authentic culinary delight with esteemed Greek Chefs along with our Creative Consultant Chef, Athinagoras Kostakos, fusing the quality of fresh local ingredients with indigenous traditions.

Innovative chefs, shaping the modern Greek culinary scene, will delight guests with an unforgettable gastronomical experience. Showcasing their passion for cooking and care of ingredients, they will bring to life their culinary creative vision through progressive tasting menus.

Gregoris Helmis
Born and raised in Volos, Helmis’ memories involve simple, wholesome delicacies paired with Tsipouro - a classic Greek spirit. Having been instrumental in the foundation of an experimental farm known for its production of fresh black garlic, Helmis focused on enriching the culture of Greek 'tsipouro' with plenty of culinary treats. With experience as Head Chef in various Greek hotel chains, and opening his own venture MeZen (Volos & Thessaloniki) in recent years, Helmis captures the Greek culinary tradition and the ritual of drinking Tsipouro with his distinctive style, making his menu a unique gastronomic experience. Following the history of Volos and the traditional 'tsipouradika', he curated an extraordinary menu based on seafood and tsipouro - a match made in culinary heaven - where everything is served in rounds. You order a shot of Tsipouro and small dishes - or 'mezedes' as we call them in Greece - come along, each made to compliment the flavor and intensity of the drink.
Constadinos Vassiliadis
Constadinos Vassiliadis visits us to create an authentic dining experience showcasing homemade flavours, drawing inspiration from his childhood memories. With extensive experience in luxury hotels and working abroad in Michelin-starred restaurants, Vassiliadis has relished the opportunity to hone his skills into opening his own esteemed restaurant in Kalamata; ‘Mple Kanarini’, serving Messinian cuisine with signature dishes. Emphasizing on carefully sourced, holistic cuisine, Vasiliadis will present simple dishes that are infused with a Greek provenance.
Giorgos Samoilis
Giorgos Samoilis, an acclaimed Greek chef with a postdoctoral fellowship in Molecular Biology, arrives at Blue Palace for a one-of-a-kind dining experience set to impress every guest. Samoilis' earliest childhood memories involve traditional fish dishes from his grandmother. Over the past five years, he has combined his knowledge of science with gastronomy to become the Head Chef of Omega3 Fish & Wine Bar, and the newly launched Cantina, at the iconic Sifnos castle. The motto of his restaurants is: “more local - more seasonal, more sustainable”, which is reflected throughout his dishes.
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