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The True Cretan Life All for You

Blue Palace is a hideaway enveloped in Crete’s rich history, untouched nature, culinary arts, and cultural heritage. Not just a resort, but a curator of authentic experiences. We love getting under the skin of Cretan culture, which is why we offer our guests opportunities to experience our island authentically, meeting the characters and participating in the activities that make this destination so justifiably renowned. 

An exploration of Crete exemplifies the destination in an authentic experience that fills the eyes and inspires the mind. Life in a Cretan village runs at a different pace. Set to keep old traditions alive, you will be taken through a journey of authenticity, from the Monasteri of Areti to the traditional villages of Crete, Kasteli and Fourni.


26th of June
4th of July
28th of July
8th of August
26th of August
14th of September

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