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A Distilled Taste of Greek Summer

This summer, we will introduce new whimsical collaborations, hosting impressive events with world-acclaimed bartenders along with internationally recognized mixologist Aristotelis Papadopoulos. Weaving legendary spells out of tantalizing herbs and fruits from across the Aegean, each mixologist sheds light on the landscape, heritage, nature and tradition that inspire our philosophy. All-time favorites, signature flavors built around local, seasonal, quality ingredients – a sensational cocktail journey where everything is noble, quintessentially unique.

Highlights of the guest bartender series includes Marian Beke on June 11, founder of the acclaimed The Gibson bar, rated as the best European bar and ranked No6 in the Top 50 World Bars; Edir Malpartida on July 16, a pioneer in his field, named one of the leaders in Spain and David Rios on August 20, winner of Diageo’s Best Bartender Championship, named also Best European Bartender; an expert in cocktails inspired by stunning Basque mountainous landscapes and coastal areas and beaches displaying a weakness for citric aromas and bitter tastes.

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