The Traditional Caique Experience

Travel on the crystal-clear waters around the Mirabello Gulf and unlock some of the most authentic surroundings. Set off from the hotel’s own jetty aboard our quintessentially Greek fishing boat and sail around the coast of Elounda and the isle of Spinalonga. Find yourself surrounded by fresh air, remote beaches, cobalt waters, and an abundance of fascinating energy. Indulge yourself in detached surroundings – where it does not mean you are isolated from the pleasures of living – & savor a selection of Cretan wines and a platter of cheese locally sourced from dairy farms.

If the breeze is off the land, you will find yourself further seduced by the scents of warm earth, wild thyme, sage, dittany, lavender and citrus groves. Intoxicating, even without the fizz.

Swim and sunbathe at remote beaches and unlock some of the most authentic surroundings. Enjoy a delicious lunch, with a selection of homemade dishes, light snacks, and fresh bread, all packed in a traditional picnic basket. You may complement your meal with a selection of Greek wines from our wine list. Enjoy this picnic lunch on our traditional caique, sailing around the coastline of Elounda and the island of Spinalonga. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in an al fresco romantic meal for couples or the perfect opportunity for some family bonding, where you will be able to reconnect with nature by rejuvenating peace of mind.
Duration: 2-hour trip
Embark on your personal sea adventure that will take you around the rugged beautiful coastline to indigenous natural beaches only reachable by boat. Immerse yourself in awe-inspiring landscapes and pristine blue waters for utmost serenity and solitude. And when the fresh sea breeze has awoken your appetite – it is time for a lunch break. You will anchor in the wonderful beach of Kolokytha, where the Byzantine chapel of St. Fokas, that bears a magnificent story, nestles, and enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ prepared by our chef, only for you, at the spot.
Duration: 4-hour trip
Spend the evening sailing aboard our traditional caique surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the Elounda coastline and Spinalonga island. Set off from the resort's jetty with chilled champagne and chef’s selection of local-flavored treats, for an intimate interlude at sunset.
Duration: 1-hour trip
Join an enchanting sailing party in the transparent, deep-blue waters of Crete. A soul-enriching experience that we wish everyone to relish along with signature cocktails, local wines and delicacies. Selected DJs will play from 7pm to 11pm creating the right ambience for a memorable evening.

Available in July, August, September.
Duration: 4-hour trip
An Exclusive Escapism In Cobalt Waters
Our traditional caique is a work of art, embodying the essence of Greece, its rich cultural heritage and its connection to the sea. As you step aboard our wooden boat, you are transported to a world of timeless beauty, where the rhythm of the waves and the gentle sway of the sea are all that matter. Sailing along the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, each journey is a unique experience, a journey through time and an inspiration to the soul. Whether watching the sun rise over the mountains, or feeling the spray of the sea on your face, our traditional caique is more than just a boat – it’s a symbol of adventure and a connection to the land, sea, and sky.
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