As the resort’s principal restaurant, Olea—named after the olive trees that are found in the traditional Cretan pots on the veranda—offers spectacular sea and Spinalonga views from every table. From sunrise to sunset, gaze over waters of silvery-blue, enjoy Meditterenian dishes at an ideal setting and savour perfect moments.

A Breakfast Treasure
The Cretan table features produce and recipes from the island’s different regions. Traditional kalitsounia, sweet pastries, and pies sit on the table next to tahini, a sesame seed paste rich in vitamin E and unique antioxidants, and enhanced with different flavors, such as honey and orange. An exceptional range of Greek yogurts, famous Cretan honey, Cretan cheeses, and fresh fruits are on display.
An impressive buffet, inspired by the Mediterranean and Greek Cuisine, features inspired Mediterranean and Greek cuisine - infused with a Cretan sunshine and soil - based on seasonal produce, making it a great experience for all.
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