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At Blue & Beyond

From stories to memories. This is the journey offered by Blue Palace.
Sometimes, it is the experiences that make a trip most memorable, whether that is a sunset cruise on our traditional caique around Spinalonga, or a cultural and gastronomical experience, like Cretan Feast. A world of tempting experiences unfolds, that can elevate your Blue Palace stay.

A journey from seed to plate
Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure in our organic garden, hand-pick the freshest ingredients, gain insights into our Phāea Farmers initiative, and participate in a hands-on cooking experience.
The Magic of the Aegean Sea
Find yourself surrounded by fresh air, remote beaches, cobalt waters, and an abundance of fascinating energy.
With the Game-Changers of Greek Cuisine
Innovative chefs, shaping the modern Greek culinary scene, will delight guests with an unforgettable gastronomical experience.
An Epicurean Exploration of the Island’s Traditions
Cretan Feast is a unique cultural and gastronomical experience, in a landscape of breathtaking beauty by the sea.
Feel like a movie star
Hop inside our vintage Mercedes or Cadillac and embark on a mini-road-trip to the traditional villages of Crete.
Guest Bartenders Mixology Events
New whimsical collaborations, with impressive events with world-acclaimed bartenders along with the renowned mixologist Aristotelis Papadopoulos.
Blue Palace x Phāea Plan Bee
Continuing our efforts in responsible tourism and protecting the pollinators, we will host special events to celebrate the Phāea Plan Bee initiative
The Art of Aperitivo: Our Signature Ritual
Gather ceremoniously to toast the sunset, while enjoying an an eclectic menu of cocktails. A signature Aperitivo Ritual, the ‘Blue Aperitivo’ - a routine you will savor every evening during your stay.
Taste from the Barrel
An immersion into the world of Greek wine with our Wine Tasting experience, in our organic garden.
A Night of Food, Music, and Fun
Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere as you savor an array of delectable dishes, each bursting with bold flavors and spices.
Seasonal Flavors at their Finest
Savor the flavors of the season with our edible garden experiences.
Making memories through food
Join us for a Greek cooking class, focusing on the island's authentic flavors and traditional recipes.
Luxury Dinners Under the Starry Sky
A romantic table on a secluded beach setting lapped by gentle waves, or intimate villa or suite dinners enveloped in candlelight – whatever the event, we'll make it exquisite.
Moonlit Night of Music, Food, and Fun
Groove beneath the shimmering moonlight surrounded by olive trees on our beach.
The hottest cuisine meets the coolest of drinks
Sumptuous beachside BBQ quenched with beer and frozen margaritas, combined with DJ sets for cool lounge sounds.
Aquatic options for all ages
Cobalt waters and thrilling adventures! Our water sports and activities will get your pulse racing.
Enjoy a world of activities
We’ll show you how to swim, sail, play tennis and hike your way around one of the most stunning islands.
An Island Romance
An island romance. Intimate private dinners, specialty spa treatments, bespoke amenities, and romantic adventures await all couples.
One-of-a-kind bonding moments with your loved ones
Up precious moments shared together as you explore our life-lasting experiences and getaways.
A Zest For Life
Delight in the pleasures of Crete, its flavors, and fragrances, discover a land full of ancient myths, and culinary heritage anchored in passionate love for the island’s stunning beauty and natural bounty.
A complete wardrobe awaits you!
Bespoke gifts and Greek treasures to enjoy during your stay or to take home. Discover delightful choices in Greek fashion brands, swimwear, and fine jewelry.
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